Zero Tension Ergonomic Vertical Mouse Review


The Zero Tension mouse has been around for a while, but never seemed to really catch on compared to some of the other more popular models of vertical mouse that are available. Let’s talk more about it below.

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Product review

The Zero Tension Mouse looks a little different than most other vertical mice. It has a little of a joystick style feel to it, but it isn’t quite there. It has a definite vertical mouse styling, but kind of a hybrid of the joystick style and the “normal” vertical mouse styling. It is a comparatively large device and on the column section of the device the hand is intended to wrap around it and then rest on the base. The base is large and supportive of the entire hand. The column for controlling the buttons and movement is also firm and supportive.

This is a 3 button device with a left and right click on the fingers and a scroll wheel on the top of the joystick like area for the thumb to use. The left and right click buttons are set in the positions for the index and middle fingers to use.

This mouse gets good comments in terms of helping with relaxing the hand and providing comfort. One of the common themes noted in discussions of this mouse is that is is large and even kind of bulky. It is not a visual masterpiece. There are some reports of concerns over durability and defects, but other comments seem to have good success over time. It looks like it is a generally good device, but not up to the same aesthetic level as most of the other vertical mice available today.

Product features

-vertical ergonomic design allows muscle relaxation in hands and wrist
-good support of hands and wrist during use


The Zero Tension vertical mouse has a hybrid style that places it somewhere between the more common vertical mouse and the joystick style. If the other vertical mice out there don’t do it for you and you want something with firm wrist base support and a firm hand support then this may be the one to look at further.

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