SurfShelf Treadmill Desk Laptop and iPad Holder Review


This laptop or iPad holder is an attachment that can turn most any treadmill (or bike or elliptical machine) into a treadmill desk. This product from Surfshelf can be either an inexpensive entry point to find out if the treadmill desk trend is for you or if you are just looking for something to help liven up your workout routine it can do that as well.

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Product review

The Surfshelf treadmill desk laptop holder is made with polycarbonate for a very strong build quality and is compatible with most treadmills, bikes and elliptical trainers. With easy installation (advertised as 1 minute install, with some reviews mentioning up to ten minutes) this device will allow you to exercise on your chosen device while either getting some work done or just surfing the internet and checking Facebook.

This is where there are two ways to consider using the Surfshelf. If you are considering buying or using a treadmill desk or implementing it in conjunction with a standing desk style office setup as part of an ergonomic redesign, then this can be an easy way to test if that style will work for you. In other words, if you already have a treadmill, then try using this to work on it as a treadmill desk temporarily to see if it is right for you. If it works for you and you start to see ergonomic benefits from it, then you can move on to a more expensive and higher quality full treadmill desk and standing desk setup. If not, then it could still be used to help pass the time during workouts while watching movies, reading an ebook, or surfing the internet.

The other way to use it is to just start with option two. Which is to use this device to help you power through an otherwise boring workout. By bringing your laptop or iPad to your exercise device you can keep up with your entertainment while you get in shape.

Product features

-Fits almost all treadmills, bikes, and elliptical machines
-Convert your existing treadmill into a treadmill desk
-Quick and easy installation
-Made of strong polycarbonate construction


The Surfshelf Treadmill desk laptop holder is a cool product that quickly and easily converts your exercise device into a treadmill desk. Whether you are testing out a treadmill desk setup or looking for something to make exercise more fun, then this product can work for you.

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