Razer DeathAdder Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Review


The DeathAdder from Razer is one sweet looking mouse. That is the first thing you notice about it no matter which of the multiple styles/colors you get it in. It looks sharp and feels great in the hand the first time you touch it. This mouse is designed as a gaming mouse first and foremost, but it has solid ergonomics built right into it.

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Product review

The Razer DeathAdder has a very responsive control with a 6400 DPI 4G sensor onboard. Look for great control and responsiveness from this mouse when in use. The mouse buttons are smooth and click easily as well with nice click responsiveness. The DeathAdder has 5 customizable buttons. There are the right and left click buttons, two side buttons on the thumb side, and a scroll wheel. All of the buttons are customizable.

And oh my, the ergonomics on this device feel great. The curve of the mouse feels great in the hand and there is a lot of comfort there. There are also rubber grips on the side for additional comfort and ergonomic support. This mouse gives a solid feel of support and is comfortable for longer use and extended sessions either as a gamer or as a regular user.

This is a wired mouse that connects via USB. The wired interface is there with this mouse to ensure the best response since it is a highly responsive mouse with great control as a feature. As an added feature you can use their Razer Synapse 2.0 which is a cloud based software linkup that automatically downloads and installs any firmware or driver updates as well as allowing you to store custom preferences as well.

While this is a mouse designed for gamers, it deserves its billing as an ergonomic mouse. This mouse feels good in the hand and can stand up to extended use while maintaining comfort. In addition to the feel, it looks great too with a sleek black and a Razer logo in a different color depending on which style you select (they have different style that functionally are largely the same). There is also a left handed version available (see more left handed mouse reviews here)

Product features

-tracks and moves with great control, responsive buttons to clicks
-five programmable buttons
-Ergonomic design with a lot of comfort
-Great look and feel with a cool design


The Razer DeathAdder is a mouse that can be recommended for its ergonomic features and is ready for regular use. It is designed as a gaming mouse and has a lot of control and sensitivity that is built into it for that purpose. Even though it is built and marketed as a gaming mouse, its features make it a compelling choice for a regular use ergonomic mouse as well. Check this one out and give it strong consideration.

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