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Findables Case for iPhone and iPad Review


The Findables smartphone case for the iPhone is a relatively new smartphone case with some really cool features. With a one or two piece ergonomic design and a minimalist look this case brings something new to the marketplace. Made by Findables, this concept and design was crowd funded through a indiegogo fundraiser and advertises itself as the first smartphone case with an app!

Product review

The Findables line of cases fit the iPhone 4 and 5 lines as well as the iPad. This smartphone case includes a QR code built into the case that you can set to a customized url. It can include a picture and some information about yourself as well as links to your social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin. This QR code can be used for personal or professional use and functions as a way to have a “digital lost and found”.

This case has an antistatic finish to repel dirt and the ergonomic friendly design allows for easy and comfortable access to the buttons and ports for ease and comfort of use. If you want a comfortable and stylish case for your iPhone with some unique features then the Findables case is a nice product.

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Product features

-Multiple color choices (6-7 iPhone, 4 iPad)
-Use hot QR code technology to find your phone or connect with others
-Use your phone case for social networking
-Comfortable Ergonomic Design


If you want to have one of the latest pieces of equipment for your iPhone or iPad then this cool QR code device is one to look at. With the comfort you want in a smartphone case and the new technology feel of the QR code embedding you will have a really cool case that is a great conversation starter.

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Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Review


The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is an ergonomically designed chair from Gaiam. Gaiam is a company that offers products that provide an alternative to traditional product offerings with a focus on providing natural and healthy options. This ergonomic balance ball chair is one of their offerings that could help someone looking for a comfortable chair with ergonomic qualities.

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Product review

This balance ball chair from Gaiam is a solid chair that was designed in concert with a chiropractor with the goal of providing a great chair that will help with back pain. Many people who work at desk jobs and sit for a long time experience aches and pains from not sitting in an ergonomic chair. This chair is designed to promote proper posture and in turn a less achy body.

The design of this chair is intended to promote good posture habits and exercise the stabilizer muscles in your body. Many of the reviews say that your abdominals will be trained through constant centering of your body and help build them up to help your back as well. The work of stabilizing your body can be made easier over time as your body adjusts and becomes stronger from using this chair.

Many users of ergonomic chairs such as this mention that it can take a few days to get used to using this chair, and that in that time you may experience some neck and back pain as your body adjusts to the use of the chair. However, after the adjustment period the reports are that it is an overall positive experience.

Product features

-Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort
-Intended to help strengthen core stabilizer muscles over time
-Good for office or home use
-Comes in 4 different colors


This balance ball chair from Gaiam may be the thing you are looking for if you want an ergonomic chair and want to try one of the balance ball style chairs. With the design intended to help with back problems by helping tone up and strengthen core muscles it is worth a look if you are in the market for a balance ball chair.

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Apple Magic Mouse Review Model MB829LL/A


Apple has a history of releasing innovative new products and they did that again with the Magic Mouse (MB829LL/A). This mouse is obviously compatible with Mac products and their OS and has some really cool features that incorporate some of their touch gesture controls in a mouse that they have used so successfully on other devices.

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Product review

As with all Apple products this one receives many high marks in the look and feel category. Most reports are that this seems to be a well liked mouse and that people are happy with its performance overall with a couple of caveats. This great form factor is almost just expected with Apple products and this one doesn’t disappoint with a really nice and polished look.

One of the main features that the Apple Magic Mouse has that makes it special in its category is the multi touch control. Combining some aspects of a touch device into a mouse, Apple allows for scrolling and control as if the top of the mouse was a touchpad device. With the ability to control the mouse with gestures one of the common uses is for easy scrolling up and down web pages to make internet browsing easier.

The tracking on this device is reported to be much better than standard optical devices and in terms of having good control of the cursor on screen by the mouse seems to be little or few complaints. This mouse connects using Bluetooth technology and is a wireless mouse, not a wired one.

This mouse like other Apple mice only has one button and for any PC users coming over to a Mac that can sometimes be an interesting experience. This mouse is able to be configured with the software to be able to perform both left and right mouse clicks by sensing the click on the device.

One of the downsides is that the device has a comparatively short battery life. (you can get a rechargeable battery for this device the Mobee MO2212 which is linked to here) This isn’t necessarily an uncommon problem for a performance oriented bluetooth mouse to be harder on batteries than an average mouse, but it is something to be aware of as a purchaser. Also, those with larger hands may have a little more trouble working with this mouse for extended periods of time such as for gaming due to its flatter design.

Product features

-Great look and feel, nice Apple product
-Multi-touch gesture controls
-Responsive device with good tracking
-Scrolling features are great for web browsing
-Some third party customization software is available


The Apple Magic Mouse is a solid Apple product and seems to offer good value for the money spent. It is accurate, has multi touch which gets great reports for use in web browsing, and in general just looks really good. It is probably not the best mouse from an ergonomic standpoint for extended use or for those with large hands, but it gets overall good marks for normal use. If you want to get a multi touch mouse for your Mac then this may be the mouse for you.

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Gunnar Ergonomic Computer Eyewear – Groove Onyx Frame Review


Your eyes need ergonomics too, right? If finding ergonomically designed products is meant to find items that enhance the things we already do and allow us to enjoy them in a more comfortable way and try to avoid pain and strain at the same time then the answer must be yes. Eye strain and tiredness is a common thing for avid computer users. The Gunnar series of computer eyewear is made to help with that.

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Product review

Gunnar is a maker of computer eyewear and they really believe in their product. These glasses are lauded as having a positive impact on your eyes when using the computer for extended periods. These glasses incorporate proprietary lens technology and design to help prevent vision fatigue.

The stylish look of Gunnar frames is obvious by looking at their selections. This pair of glasses looks great and has adjustable nosepads for even more comfort. In addition to the looks is the technology used in making the lenses as Gunnar has placed lots of features that are intended to filter the bad light and let in the good when using your computer. From the tints to the coating to the material these glasses are designed for eye comfort when using a computer.

Many of the users of Gunnar computer eyewear report that in only a day or so of use that they notice an increase in comfort and an improvement in eye fatigue and eye dryness.

Product features

-Glare Reduction
-Minimizes eye fatigue and strain
-Enhances focus and detail
-Ergonomic design for a comfortable fit


These Gunnar frames are one of several Gunnar styles that you can choose from. With a lot of people giving these glasses positive words this style or one of their others could be a good option for minimizing eye strain and fatigue. Ergonomic eyewear is something that is not always thought of, but just like other parts of your body the eyes can be impacted by ergonomic equipment as well.

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Badger Air-Brush Company RK-1 2 in 1 Ultra Fine Krome Airbrush Review


Badger Air Brush company is a leader in their industry and they receive some of the highest accolades for their products. This RK-1 airbrush is one of their fine detail airbrushes and is designed by professionals for professionals. If you are looking for an ergonomic airbrush with high quality then continue reading for more on the Badger Air Brush RK-1 from the Krome 2 in 1 series.

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Product review

Ergonomic is not always the first word that is thought of when thinking about airbrushes as sometimes that description seems to be more used for technology products or office equipment, but it is a word that can be applied to any product offering if the design is right. The Badger RK-1 airbrush has an ergonomic design with a under body finger rest that has been included in the build to provide increased comfort while you are in the middle of a long detailing session. Depending on what you are painting and how much detail is required, the comfort that comes from an ergonomic design can be very important in choosing an airbrush.

This need for comfort is important, but if the device cannot deliver on the quality of the detail needed then all the comfort in the world won’t get you to use it. The good news here is that Badger Air Brush is known in the industry for doing just that, making top quality products. Badger products are made to exacting standards in the manufacturing process, then assembled and tested to ensure the customer is satisfied. With Badger products the general consensus is that you will be satisfied with the quality and the usefulness of their products including this one.

This airbrush has many good features including a glide coat finishing trigger and rocker lever designed to provide a frictionless stroke on the trigger. The Krome trigger tension is designed to provide top of the line triggering control and the trigger stop setting can be set with increments to a millimeter. All of the Badger RK-1’s features are designed and implemented to provide great control while using the airbrush.

Product features

-Ergonomic design for maximum comfort during long sessions
-Great trigger control for detail work
-Friction free trigger stroke
-Top quality manufacturer recognized in the industry as a leader


This airbrush has a nice ergonomic feature built into its design to help you work in comfort during a long session. In addition to its features to maximize your comfort are its manufacturer’s reputation for quality which carry over into this product. This product comes in a sturdy storage case with an additional fine tip, fine spray regulator, and fine needle in addition to the airbrush with its 3/8 ounce mounted color cup. If you are looking for a high quality and ergonomic fine detail airbrush then the Badger RK-1 may be your choice.

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Imak Back Cushion with ergoPressure Technology and Magnet Therapy Review


This is a cushioned back pillow made to provide back support in chairs, car seats, and pretty much anywhere you will be seated and need back support. This Imak product is an ergonomic support that is intended to help those with discomfort from sitting too long or in otherwise uncomfortable seating conditions.

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Product Review

This Imak product is a nice looking back cushion that provides ergonomic comfort and support to the back. It has an air pocket design in its construction that allows for movement of air while using it to help keep the back cool compared to a design without these air pockets.

With a design that fits most car seats and office chairs this ergonomic back cushion can be used by most people who are in need of back support. Many users report using it in their office environment to make their office chair more comfortable and supportive. Some reviews reported that if you were looking for something with a really firm support for your back that another product could be better, but that for someone looking for average support and firmness this product was a good choice.

This back pillow does include magnets in its air pocket design so it would be suitable for use for someone who is looking to use magnets in their ergonomic plan as well.

Product features

-Comfortable air pocket design for coolness and comfort
-Use easily to improve support of most any office chair or automobile seat
-Comfort and lumbar support
-Magnets included in the design


This nice little ergonomic back support pillow is a nice product and is a relatively economical choice in the category. With a comfortable design that is intended to be both supportive and cooling it is a nice combination of features. It is also portable and can easily move from home to car and then to office use and back again.

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V2 Standard Goldtouch Adjustable GTU-0088 Keyboard Review

V2 Standard Goldtouch Adjustable GTU-0088 Keyboard

The Goldtouch GTU-0088 adjustable keyboard is a split keyboard that can be adjusted on both the horizontal and vertical tilt between 0 and 30 degrees. Made by Goldtouch and compatible with both PC and Mac this keyboard is one to consider carefully.

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Product review

The GTU-0088 is an ergonomically designed keyboard that has some really nice features built into the design. One of the features that is really nice is the ability to adjust the keyboard both horizontally and vertically up to a 30 degree angle. This will allow the keyboard to be adjusted to suit the user’s preferences for comfort an ergonomics. The keyboard can even be split completely in two halves if desired to operate it in that manner.

The GTU-0088 includes Goldtouch’s soft key touch which is designed to give a lighter feel to typing on the keyboard. Having a light touch and a full key travel is intended to make for a more comfortable typing experience and make things easier on your typing fingers! As a way to help ease the typing strain the reviews on this product are strong in its favor.

The reports on this product also focus on its ease of use and installation. With a basically plug and play installation it can be up and running by plugging it into a USB port and getting started. The user friendly design should let a new user get up and running pretty quickly without a lot of technical hurdles. For Mac users who want to get a more standard Apple keyboard layout there may be some minor additional customizations to make to the settings menu for standard Apple key layouts, but for PC users that isn’t required.

Product features

-Ergonomically designed
-Plug and play easy setup
-Patented ball/lever design adjustment
-Soft key touch for lighter feel and less strain
-Intuitive design for a natural typing position
-Compatible with PC (XP, Vista, Windows 7) and Mac


The GTU-0088 is a highly rated keyboard with good marks from most sources. With many ergonomic features that are designed to minimize strain and discomfort from typing and using a keyboard it is a strong entrant in the ergonomic keyboard category. With the soft key touch, the adjustable design to fit your body, and the easy setup by most accounts this stacks up as a good keyboard.

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Sony TDGBR750 Titanium 3D Active Glasses Product Review


This 3rd generation pair of Sony 3D glasses sync up with Sony 3D TV’s for a viewing experience to remember. This is the third iteration of Sony’s 3D glasses and each pair has made substantial improvements over the previous pair. Made by Sony so you know that it is quality and is made to integrate with their 3D TV sets.

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Product review

Let’s talk about weight first. This pair of 3D glasses weighs in at 1.2 ounces which is very light. Many users say that it is like you are not even wearing glasses after a few minutes of becoming absorbed in a movie or game. This is significantly (42% and 55%) lighter than the first and second generation of Sony’s 3D glasses. (TDG-BR250/B and TDG-BR100) so if you are looking for comparison to those earlier versions this one is much lighter.

With a 10 degree tilt between lenses this pair of glasses is designed to reduce eyestrain and be more comfortable for viewing 3D content. They are also adjustable and have a balanced weight distribution from front to back to make for a more comfortable fit and better overall viewing experience. Most reviews comment on how comfortable and ergonomic these glasses are for 3D viewing and that they have made the overall experience better.

The reports on the battery life and charging of this pair of glasses is encouraging. A quick 5 minute charge give 3 hours of viewing time with 40 minutes required for a full 15 hour charge. With charging times like this the battery life should not be a problem that interrupts your viewing experience.

Last, but certainly not least, it improves the viewing experience compared to other glasses. There are reductions in flicker and resulting eyestrain as well as improved comfort from the lightweight and ergonomic design.

Product features

-1.2 oz super light Titanium build
-stylish and ergonomic design
-wide viewing angle and clear image with reduced flicker
-Fast charging for quick use and long battery life


This pair of glasses is a major product upgrade compared to the two previous generations and really will help to complement a Sony 3D TV viewing experience. The selling point for this product is that it works great and provides an enhanced viewing experience. The positives are not only in quality and clarity of the 3D image, but also in the lightweight construction and the ergonomic and stylish design of these glasses.

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Best Wine Opener Ratings and Reviews

Fancy Wine Glass

Last updated: January 30th 2017
The story of how you came to this page most likely started with something familiar to anyone who has used a basic corkscrew:

-the cork broke
-the corkscrew broke off in the cork
-your shoulder, arm, or hand was worn out after pulling and pulling on the cork
-there is no pizazz or presentation in a basic corkscrew, especially when one of the problems above happen

It is ok to admit it and even have a laugh about it because now help is on its way.

That is why this list exists. To make sure that those looking for more than just the basic corkscrew find all the options they could want or need.

To go directly to the rankings click here or to read the ranking factors and criteria read on below.

Criteria used in Wine Opener Rankings

There are many wine openers for sale in the marketplace today. Looking online, at wine stores, wine bars, department stores, almost anywhere there will be some selection of openers from good to bad and from few to many. How to pick the best one for you? There are many things to consider in making that decision. What are the ergonomic features of the opener? Is it visually appealing? Should I go for electric or manual operation? Am I in need of a better opener because of reasons such as arthritis or carpal tunnel making it hard to open a bottle of wine? Or do I just want to up my wine game from a basic corkscrew to something better? All of these are good questions and need to be answered. Below are some of the factors considered in selecting the top openers for the rankings below.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics is the key to good wine opener design. No matter if it is due to physical need such as arthritis or hand pain or if it is just the desire not to pull and pull on the cork making opening a bottle of wine easier is the end goal. This can be accomplished either through effective use of leverage in design on manual openers or pushing a button on an electric opener. Other features such as soft grips and levers or sizes that naturally fit the hand are other examples of how to accomplish this successfully.

Visual Appeal

No one wants an ugly and unattractive wine opener on their counter or their bar area. Whether adding to the decor of the kitchen or bar area or making things look good for a party having a good visual impression is a factor that must be considered. What we are looking for is something efficient and effective while still looking good. There are numerous openers below with great designs to consider.

Electric or Manual

One of the objective features that must be evaluated. Will you stay with a manual opener or go electric. Manual openers still require some force to be used even though the best minimize it a great deal through effective use of leverage in their design. Electric openers are almost entirely automated with operation by pushing a button or buttons. Manual openers would obviously not require charging or ever run out in the middle of use, but most of the electric options are good for between 30 and 80 opens per charge cycle. The electrics tend to run larger in size than the manual openers, but also may have other features for counter display such as lighting. This one comes down to choice unless you physically have to have an electric opener due to physical issues.

Battery Life

Most of the electric wine openers reviewed all have stellar battery life with more than enough charge to open multiple bottles on a single charge. With a range between 30 to 80 bottles per charge on the ones below this measure probably only matters if you are hosting a large party or are a business. For most personal use this is more than enough. The charge measure would be considered a tiebreaker metric.

Charging Base or No Base

This one is really a matter of aesthetics. Having a charging base means that the wine opener plugs into the base to charge while the base plugs into the wall. An opener without a base would plug directly into the wall. Either works just fine, but will have a different presentation and look to them.

Advanced Features

Here we are looking at standout items or beyond the basics. Having a built in thermometer, digital battery readout, colored lights, or a transparent window to allow viewing of the opening process are good examples of these features. You can see that these advanced features had an impact on the overall ratings when seeing which ones took home three out of the top four spots.


Value for the money being spent is always a factor in making a ranking decision. The reviewed openers are all in reasonable price ranges, but they are given a comparative factor below broken into three broad classes of price. Prices are always subject to change.

Addons, Kits, Gift appropriateness

Some of the reviewed openers come with foil cutters, stoppers, or with a kit of tools. These add ons provide some value especially when being viewed as potential gifts. Also considered here are the visuals of the packaging of the product for being given as a gift – such as does it have a nice box or storage to give it in.

That sums up our list of evaluation criteria. Below is the rankings table and then a summary of the individual products.

The chart below will list our ratings and rankings for the best wine openers. There is a key below the chart explaining the columns and it is followed by a short summary of each wine opener as well as a link to read more reviews on the site or to buy on Amazon.

Table Key:
Wine Opener Name – This column lists the name of the products being rated.
Style – This is our descriptor for the type of wine opener. Manual is operated by hand power. Electric is operated by battery or electric power.
Price – Comparative dollar rankings. The $ is lower price, the $$ moderate price, and the $$$ more expensive.
Our Ranking – Our numerical ranking from 1 to 9 on these selected ergonomic keyboards with 1 being the best.
Buy – Link to buy the product on Amazon.

Summary for Best Wine Opener

Giving a quick recap of the ratings prior to diving into the detailed comments below the winner was the Maestro Electric opener from Ozeri. 3 of the top 4 performers were electrics with only one non-electric opener making the top four. The one that did make it came in strong at #2 though. The Vertical Rabbit from Metrokane fought off two other strong electric opener models to hold down the #2 spot for the manual users who want something non-electric, but want a much improved design. Coming in at a solid #3 and #4 ranking and in almost a tie were the two electric openers who round out the top four – the Secura wine opener along with another Ozeri offering the Nouveaux II. Both offer attractive visuals, good ergonomic design, with transparent views of the opening process and a blue light feature that will draw some in over the top two choices. These round out a strong top four which all represent very well and would make good choices. The other choices on the list are worth a look for comparison if you are not convinced, but the top 4 generally outclass them in either some or many areas.

Individual Product Notes, Reviews, and Comments

Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine OpenerBuy – This electric wine opener took down the rest of the field and came out #1. The Maestro won with great features that the competition didn’t have and by beating them on the features they shared. The ergonomics on the Maestro are great with solid design. It also includes a built in infrared thermometer which none of the other choices had. The battery is the strongest on the list with 80 charges reported before needing recharge. The battery also displays the current state of its charge so you know whether you are in danger of running out of power or not. This one just will look great on your counter or bar with its good looking base and sleek design features. With great performance and an appealing high tech modern look this is our #1 choice for the best wine opener available.
Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine Opener

Metrokane Vertical Rabbit Wine OpenerBuy – The Vertical Rabbit wine opener is the top rated non-electric choice on this list. With a superb design that makes it the most effortless non-electric opener available this one battled back all opponents except the top rated electric opener above. The ergonomic design in this opener is outstanding and makes it very easy to open a bottle of wine with the least amount of manual effort. It has great presentation value and gets the job done – namely opening wine with ease and under three seconds. If you want to stay away from electrics, but don’t want clunky old corkscrews then this is the one for you.
Metrokane Vertical Rabbit Wine Opener

Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine OpenerBuy – The Secura electric opener is a very worthy #3 choice. It was a tossup to get it here instead of the Ozeri below, but it won out by a bit. With a similar blue light and transparent action this one came down to a preference for the visual look and feel of the Secura. Both would be a fine choice for the 2nd best electric opener in this list.
Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener

Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine OpenerBuy – The Ozeri Nouveaux took the 4 spot and it was a tough match with this one and the Secura at #3. Almost a tie in features with the Ozeri having slightly more charge resiliency, but the Secura having a better visual sleekness and slightly more ergonomics. Both are good choices if you want electric, but for some reason don’t want to go with the #1 choice also from Ozeri – The Maestro.
Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener

Delwip DW-WO17 Professional Wine OpenerBuy – It was a tough call whether to rate this one 5 or 6. It got a bit of an edge with its looks and its feeling of restaurant style. Not the most intuitive or ergonomic of the openers on this list it does still do what it is supposed to do. It requires some practice to make it work and it requires some balancing and coordination in the process. These things won it a spot over the lower rated electric openers, but not the better ones or the best manual choice which took the #2 slot.
Delwip DW-WO17 Professional Wine Opener Corkscrew

Metrokane Electric Rabbit Wine OpenerBuy – The 2nd lowest rated electric opener on the list even though their manual opener is rated 2nd on the list. It sports some nice features such as a transparent view to the cork removal process, but just doesn’t beat out the ones above it in the things it comparatively lacks.
Metrokane Electric Rabbit Wine Opener

Oster FPSTBW8207-S Electric Wine OpenerBuy – The lowest rated of the electric openers on the list this one just couldn’t stack any higher. Lacking in a few key comparative features when compared to the higher ranks such as transparency in the opening area, temperature readings, battery level indicator, and has one of the lower bottles per charge ratings in the list. Occupying the lower ranges of the price point for an electric opener if price is the main differentiator this one wouldn’t be the worst choice on the list if electric is what you want and this is how you get there.
Oster FPSTBW8207-S Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Shenkitchen Professional Wine OpenerBuy – The Shenkitchen opener isn’t a bad product, but it just doesn’t stack up when compared to the other choices on this list. With a minimalistic feature set and still requiring significant manual action including more balancing than others it just cannot be ranked higher than this. The other items on the list just outclass it in some way.
Shenkitchen Professional Wine Opener Corkscrew

Precision Kitchenware Luxury Corkscrew SetBuy – This manually operated corkscrew is only one step up from the basic corkscrew. It does incorporate some features to make use of leverage when opening, but it can at best be considered a minimal upgrade. When compared to the rest of the list even as a great entry level product it must round out the bottom.
Precision Kitchenware - Luxury Corkscrew and Wine Stopper Set-Small

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

There are the results and rankings of the top wine openers in the market today. We think this is a complete and fair review of what is out there. Please let us know what you think in the comments below. Agree or disagree? Have one that we left off the list? Let us know and we’ll look into it.