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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse (L6V-00001) Review

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft’s Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse (L6V-00001) is a uniquely designed ergonomic mouse that is Microsoft’s successor product to the excellent Natural Series mouse. Like its predecessor this mouse comes with advanced features meant to promote comfortable use. This mouse hits all the right marks in replacing a stellar product. The mouse’s main selling point is its excellent ergonomic design. The goal of an ergonomic mouse like this is to help users avoid mouse-induced wrist pain, repetitive strain injuries (RSI), and even carpal tunnel problems.

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Product review

The Microsoft Natural desktop series of products which previously held our top place for best ergonomic mouse was a great product and this mouse is the new generation of that product renamed and it replaces it in Microsoft’s product line.

These were big shoes to fill, but as soon as we laid hands on this device we realized that the Sculpt lives up to its predecessor’s claim on ergonomic efficiency. This mouse is designed to enhance natural wrist placement with its ergonomic shape and it does so beautifully. It features a thumb scoop which serves the purpose of promoting natural and comfortable wrist posture. The tilted and elevated position feels great to the wrist and hand and it has nice thumb support as well. Overall the mouse just feels great on the hand and wrist while in use.  

The innovative controls on the Sculpt also set it apart from other mice within its price range. The four-way scrolling button allows you to scroll up and down as well as left and right. This way, you won’t have to use a combination of mouse controls for vertical and horizontal scrolling. The mouse features three main controls: a Windows button, a back button and a four-way scroll button.

This mouse works on just about any surface you can imagine. It works flawlessly whether placed on the carpet, a granite surface, or a wooden table. Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology easily outperforms traditional laser and optical mice when it comes to precision and flexibility. It uses a beam that is more than four times larger than traditional mice, which explains its improved accuracy. While the innovative and highly effective BlueTrack technology offers increased accuracy, it still has limitations when it comes to the surfaces on which it can be used. For instance, the mouse will not work on glass or mirrored surfaces.

The Sculpt is optimized for use with Microsoft Windows. Therefore, Mac users cannot experience the mouse’s full functionality. Moreover, there are currently no Mac updates to allow Mac users to enjoy complete functionality with the Sculpt.  
Product features

-Ergonomic shape designed for maximum hand and wrist comfort
-Advanced ergonomic design to minimize discomfort
-Thumb scoop design works to maintain proper hand and wrist positioning
-Windows button
-Back button
-Four-way Scroll button


The Microsoft Sculpt mouse is a beautifully designed mouse that focuses on providing users with the most comfortable ergonomic experience possible. Its ergonomic design combined with Microsoft’s ground breaking BlueTrack technology makes it one of the most intuitive and versatile mice on the market.

The Sculpt also has a plethora of cool features and controls that will please both occasional and advanced users alike. The four-way scroll button, the Windows button and the back button most definitely add to the user experience. Without a doubt, the Microsoft Sculpt is well worth its price and is a top recommendation and takes the top rating in our mouse rankings. 

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Fellowes Microban Split Design Keyboard Review

Fellowes Microban Split Design Keyboard

The Fellowes Microban Split Design Keyboard offers an affordable and attractive way to bring superior ergonomics and comfort to your desktop. Its split design allows for more natural hand placement while you type, reducing stress and strain on your fingers, wrists, and shoulders. This model also features a row of shortcut keys to make common tasks easier, as well as a split spacebar so you can type without worrying over which thumb you use to strike it with.

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Product review

The central feature of the Fellowes Microban split design keyboard is its ergonomics and comfort and on this note it delivers exceptionally. The keys are angled and spaced apart perfectly for most users, the keyboard itself is full-size, and the keys offer just the right amount of resistance while still being quiet and easy to type with. Fellowes understands what you’re looking for in a split-key keyboard, and they execute it well. This is part of the reason that it came in a strong third place in our ergonomic keyboard reviews and rankings.

Over and above the layout, this ergonomic keyboard is an excellent and well-built keyboard. Fellowes has paid attention to the small details that make a keyboard usable, like modern microswitches behind each key which perform well even when dirty, and a small memory buffer, so even if your computer hiccups you won’t have to re-type. The number pad is also full-size and easy to type on without looking at it making this ergonomic keyboard an excellent choice for either office or home use.

One feature of the Fellowes Microban that could be improved upon is that this keyboard doesn’t have an integrated USB hub, which is an extra that some other ergonomic keyboards offer. In order to offset the fact that the keyboard uses a USB port, a lot of new keyboards build a few extra ports into the keyboard itself. Fortunately, most computers have more USB ports than you can use, so it’s not a huge problem that Fellowes doesn’t offer any extra.

Product features

-Full-size microswitch keyboard with number pad
-Split design for comfort
-USB interface for easy installations, even on older computers
-Shortcut keys that make common tasks simpler
-Antimicrobial coating for cleaner keys
-30-day satisfaction guarantee


Anyone looking for an ergonomic keyboard should pay close attention to the Fellowes Microban ergonomic keyboard. In terms of value for the price, it’s a strong contender in the ergonomic keyboard market. Fellowes has focused on what you need, while leaving some unnecessary extras by the wayside in order to keep costs low. This keyboard is comfortable, durable, and installs easily even on older computers. If you want an ergonomic keyboard at a good price, then this is one to consider.

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Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Review

Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

When it comes to premium mice for gaming or CAD, Razer is the industry leader in quality and reliability. The Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse lives up to the Razer name, offering an outstanding, customizable, and ergonomically designed mouse at a reasonable price. This mouse is packed with a ton of premium features that you can’t get anywhere else, making it a must for serious gamers or computer users.

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Product review

For 16 years the Razer name has stood for quality in high-end gaming peripherals and the Razer Ouroboros Elite is no exception. It offers so many small touches to the technology, design, and even the software, that there’s no question that this is one of the best gaming mice on the market.

Its ergonomic design and ambidextrous usage possibilities make it a serious choice for an ergonomic gaming mouse. Gamers are the intended target of this mouse, and its ergonomic comfort and quality make it a strong option not just in that space, but for any heavy mouse user.

One of the key features for all gaming mice is the resolution. At 8200dpi with a 1ms polling accuracy, the Ouroboros Elite is incredibly responsive and sensitive. For comparison, many typical mice use a resolution of 2200dpi and 3ms polling, which makes the Razer over three times more accurate.

The flexible design of this Razer mouse really has to be felt to be appreciated. This mouse has 3 movable body panels, so it can be adjusted to fill your hand comfortably, reducing strain on your wrists and bringing the buttons closer to your fingertips. The ergonomic possibilities are good with this flexibility. The ability to adjust to multiple hand positions or for right or left handed use is a nice feature.

Finally, the technology behind this ergonomic gaming mouse is absolutely top of the line. From the 4G, ultra-high definition laser to the twitch trigger that actually increases the already incredible 8200dpi resolution, there’s not much that Razer hasn’t thought of. The included software runs on both PC and Mac, making the Ouroboros fully customizable on any platform.

The Ouroboros Ambidextrous gaming mouse can run continuously for 12 hours on one AA battery and it comes with a supplied rechargeable Nimh battery.

Product features

-Ambidextrous design for right and left-handed gamers (see more left handed mouse options here)
-Ultra-high 8200dpi accuracy, with a trigger to increase sensitivity even further
-Works in both wireless and wired mode with included USB cable
-Runs for 12 hours on a single AA battery
-Cutting-edge 4G laser sensor
-Adjustable body panels to customize the feel of the mouse in your palm
-11 fully programmable buttons
-1ms polling response time
-Compatible with PC and Apple computers
-Backed by a 1-year warranty from Razer


If you’re serious about gaming and in need of an ergonomic mouse with lots of features then there’s just no substitute for a Razer mouse. The Ouroboros Elite mouse is packed full of premium features and options, making it one of the strongest gaming mouse options on the market. While it’s a little on the expensive side the fact is that the good points about this mouse far outweigh the bad. This mouse is a quality choice if you want a high-end mouse that delivers on its promises.

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Perixx Periboard-512B Review

Perixx Periboard-512B Keyboard

The Perixx Periboard-512B is an advanced and comfortable keyboard that features a split-key layout for increased ergonomics. This keyboard goes above and beyond just ergonomic comfort, including premium features like a full number pad, wrist rest, and programmable multimedia hotkeys to make common tasks quick and easy to do with just the press of a button.

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Product review

The first thing you’ll notice about this Perixx keyboard is its high quality. Made from high-impact plastic with advanced microswitches, this keyboard is built to last for a long time. The switches themselves resist dirt buildup between the keys which have a pleasant, springy feel to them. The manufacturing quality of this keyboard also makes it incredibly quiet, with no need to bang down hard on the keys as you type.

When it comes to ergonomic comfort the Periboard-512B keyboard is a contender. The included plastic wrist rest provides a convenient place to rest your hands as you type reducing stress and strain on your wrists. When combined with the split-key layout, this keyboard provides a lot of ergonomic bang for the buck. If you spend a lot of time typing at the computer you’re sure to appreciate the time and effort that Perixx took in designing this device.

One of the strengths of the Periboard-512B keyboard is how easy it is to install. Whether you have a Mac or Windows PC, it’s easy to upgrade your current keyboard. The only step that you need to take is to plug it into a USB port and your computer will take care of the rest.

The fact that this keyboard is so comfortable makes it a good choice for anyone who is looking for an ergonomic alternative to help ease their wrist pain. While simply switching to an ergonomic split-key keyboard won’t entirely eliminate the risk, it does take a lot of pressure off of your wrists and elbows. If you already have problems with these issues, as well as hand and wrist pain, arthritis, or limited mobility, switching to an ergonomic keyboard can help minimize your discomfort more than other traditional keyboards on the market.

Mac users should keep in mind that although this keyboard works with a Mac the keys are only labelled for Windows. That means you’ll be using the CTRL key in place of Command, and ALT key instead of Option. It’s a small adjustment, but if you want a keyboard that matches up perfectly then you’ll need to be extra careful to find one with the standard Mac layout.

Product features

-Full-size keyboard with an ergonomic layout
-Programmable multimedia keys are great for movies, music, and browsing the web
-Easy to install USB interface
-Integrated wrist support
-Full-size number pad is perfect for office use
-Compatible with all desktops and laptops, including Apple and Windows PC
-6’ connection cord is long enough for nearly any desktop
-Supported by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee


There’s a lot to like about the Perixx Periboard-512B keyboard. It’s simple to install, solid and durable, and has features that can make your life a little bit easier. The fact that it has multimedia keys along the top and a full-size number pad make it a great choice for home and office use alike. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your current keyboard with an ergonomic alternative this offering from Perixx provides comfort and reliability at a good price. This keyboard came in fourth on our list of the best ergonomic keyboards which can be viewed here:

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Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard Review

Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard

The Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard features a unique design that lets you fine-tune your typing position and get the most productivity out of your time on the computer with the least amount of stress and strain on your wrists and hands. This ergonomic keyboard allows you to move each half of the keyboard and place it perfectly where your hands naturally fall.

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Product review

When you choose a keyboard like the Freestyle2 you’re looking for comfort and an ergonomic keyboard design. The fact that the halves of this keyboard can be moved apart independently, connected by a slim 9” cord, mean that you can place them wherever is most comfortable and natural for your hands and wrists. The advantages of this type of split keyboard design are that in comparison to a typical keyboard it can take a lot of stress off of your elbows, hands, and wrists.

In addition to its ergonomic advantages, the Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard is well-made and durable. This keyboard uses modern microswitches instead of older-style mechanical keyswitches in order to provide a smooth feeling and quiet keystrokes. It also fully disassembles into two separate halves for portability thanks to a quick-release connecting cable. Another great feature is its included USB hub. This keyboard takes up one USB port on your Windows PC, but it provides an additional two places to plug in devices on the side of the keyboard itself.

One of the possible drawbacks of the Freestyle2 keyboard is that it’s for Windows users only. Apple computers use a different set of keys, so even though the keyboard will function fine if plugged into a Mac, the labels on the keys will be wrong. Kinesis does offer the same style of keyboard for Apple users, so be sure and shop carefully in order to make sure you get the model that you need.

Finally, while this Kinesis keyboard is billed as a full-size keyboard, the dimensions on the keys themselves tend toward the small size. This keyboard is more accurately described as halfway between a compact laptop keyboard and a traditional full-size desktop keyboard.

Product features

-Split design for superior comfort
-Excellent ergonomics are easy on your arms, elbows, and wrists
-High-quality design uses electronic microswitches for outstanding feel and durability
-9” of cable gives you plenty of room to position the keyboard halves where they feel best
-Connects to your computer via USB
-Includes 2 additional USB ports
-Protected by a 1-year manufacturer warranty


If you’re looking for an ergonomic alternative to a traditional keyboard, then the Kinesis Freestyle2 is a solid choice. It’s quiet, comfortable, and durable, with the ability to be positioned at any angle you require. There are a few small extras, like the included 2-port USB hub and removable connecting cable that help the this keyboard stand out without adding much to the price. As far as ergonomic keyboards go, this offering from Kinesis offers good value at a good price.

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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard (5KV-00001) Review

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard (model 5KV-00001) is Microsoft’s newest entrant into the ergonomic keyboard space and it is a top performer already. The successor to the long time top performing Natural line of products this keyboard has a strong pedigree to draw from with Microsoft’s ergonomic history in the keyboard marketplace and has taken the top spot in our best ergonomic keyboard rankings. Read on to learn more about this ergonomically designed keyboard and if it is the one for you.

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Product review

The Microsoft Sculpt keyboard is a split layout keyboard that has a very nice feel to it. The domed design promotes a natural position of the wrists and hands that is intended to minimize or reduce any pain users may have from prolonged typing or computer usage. The natural arc key layout also is intended to follow the natural path and complement the curved position of the fingers when typing.

The Sculpt comes with a detached number pad instead of being an integrated part of the keyboard. Some people will find this a neutral feature and others will like it a lot as they can then minimize their hand travel from mouse to keyboard and back since the mouse can be closer to the keyboard that way.

The keys are in the chiclet style and have a very nice feel with a soft keystrike that doesn’t require a lot of force and helps minimize wear on your fingers. This keyboard has a riser that can be used to tilt the keyboard forward if needed depending on your layout of chair, desk, and height, etc. There is also a cushioned palm rest that helps provide comfort as well as promote use of a more natural wrist position.

The Microsoft Sculpt keyboard and number pad connects wirelessly using a single small USB dongle. The keyboard uses 2 AAA batteries and the number pad uses a CR2430 (watch style) battery. All required batteries come with the keyboard. The battery life is reported to be extremely long on this keyboard.

This is one sharp keyboard with a very advanced looking ergonomic design that is pleasing to the eye as well as to the hands and wrists. It looks modern and sleek for an aesthetically pleasing design. Like other Microsoft ergonomic products it is well built and should last for a long time.

Product features

-Advanced ergonomic design
-promotes pain free computer use with natural position of the hands and wrists
-comfortable and low force key strike
-detached number pad


The Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard is a top ranked choice if you are looking to upgrade from a standard keyboard. As the newest model and the successor to the Natural series this keyboard ups the ante and surpasses that product which was a top model for years and is still a nice backup choice if you desire. Proceed with this keyboard and feel good about your buying decision because you are getting a good product.

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Kensington K72337US Orbit Trackball Review

Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse (K72337US)

The Kensington K72337US Orbit Trackball with scroll ring is a relatively recent addition to the Kensington Trackball series and offers another choice for an ergonomic trackball selection. It comes with a 4 pin USB Type A portal connection and can be used with both Windows and Mac OS. This trackball features optical movement detection technology with wired connectivity. Although it may seem a bit similar to the previous models, this one is slightly smaller and occupies far less desk space than some of the previous models.

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Product review

The size of this trackball is generally just about right and is suitable for those with both large and small hands. This provides a certain level of convenience and comfort which of course leads to better ergonomic performance and enhanced productivity.

The trackball by being centrally placed offers an ambidextrous design and caters for use by both right hand and left handed users. The ball also features a rubberized texture that provides the user with click-free fast scrolling capability. The ball is precisely positioned under the fingers and is capable of spinning freely and smoothly. 

Another good thing about this trackball is that no additional software has to be pre-installed before you can use it. The fact that it is also compatible with the most of the major operating systems makes it quite convenient and easy to get started.

Many users have praised this trackball’s ergonomic design which provides comfortable wrist positioning to prevent exhaustion and tiredness. The trackball is responsive, well designed, comfortable and easy to use. It is also a good choice for some users with disabilities who cannot use a regular mouse. It is also very reasonably priced when compared to other similar units on the market. Its ambidextrous design makes it well suited for use in the left handed mousing position as well.

The Kensington Orbit trackball seems a little delicate and might seem a little small to some users. It measures 5 x 2 x 4.5 inches with the ball measuring just under 1.5 inches in diameter. Some users have reported a few contact issues with the button because they sometimes heard or felt unwarranted clicks. The K72337US Orbit trackball only has two buttons. While this may be okay for some users additional buttons would’ve been welcome for others. For users who love gaming it is worth noting that the center ring may get in the way with some games.

However, besides these few minor issues this is a nice overall ergonomic trackball unit.

Product features

-Operating System Compatibility: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Apple Mac OSX
-Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.0 x 4.5 inches
-Weight: 0.65 lbs
-Connector Type: 4 pin Type A USB portal
-Optical movement detection technology
-Wired connectivity

Despite a few shortcomings, the Kensington K72337US Orbit Trackball remains one of the better ergonomically designed trackballs on the market today. It is best suited for users who are looking for speed, performance and sleekness. It is also very affordable making it a great choice for people on a budget.

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Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Review

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

Logitech’s M570 Wireless Trackball is an ergonomic wireless trackball which features a laser sensor. The wireless trackball is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. In addition to its conspicuous thumb-controlled trackball, the device features back/forward quick navigation buttons, a pointer-finger scroll wheel and a programmable one-touch button. It also comes with a unifying wireless receiver which can wirelessly link up to six devices to your computer. It is powered by AA battery and offers solid features. 

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Product review

With this device you will at first notice this trackball’s comfort. In addition to the ergonomic and hand-conforming shape the range of surfaces on which you can use the trackball is large. Whether placed on the desk or even the bed the trackball will continue to offer great precision and control.

The M570 trackball is full of controls. With more than five controls on the trackball, controlling your computer will be way and programmable. In addition to offering the ability to flip quickly over long documents or lengthy lists, you can program some of the controls to suit your specific needs.

This device’s wireless transmission uses 2.4 GHz. The wireless range can extend up to 30 feet away. On another note, the trackball can run for 18 months on a single AA battery, which is impressive.

The wireless receiver that comes with the trackball exceeds most expectations. You can also connect up to five other devices to your computer wirelessly using the receiver. Moreover, the receiver is quite small and its presence on your laptop will not be an inconvenience or a bother.

One of the possible problems if you are a lefty is that it can only be used by right-handed people. Many trackballs nowadays are ambidextrous, so this could be a problem depending on the user.
For first time users this trackball may need some getting used to as the additional controls may take some getting used to. This is especially true for the controls that offer programmability options, as they require some tweaking and software downloads from Logitech’s website. However, more controls are great for gamers and are always a plus as an option for those that need or want them. 

We also should note as minor issues that the scroll-wheel on the M570 might seem a bit resistant for some. The physical placement of the scroll-wheel may also pose a problem for some users, as it is a little out of reach for people with tiny hands. 

Product features

-Back/Forward quick navigation buttons
-Thumb-controlled trackball with adjustable cursor speeds
-Sculpted hand-conforming shape
-Pointer-finger scroll wheel
-Programmable one-touch buttons
-Unifying wireless receiver
-AA battery powered

Despite a few things that could be improved, the Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball is a good option when it comes to comfort and control. This trackball fares pretty well against its few competitors within the same price range and came in first on our ranking of the best ergonomic trackball mice. If you are in the market for an ergonomic trackball then the M570 is a good option.    
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Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse Review

Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse

The Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse is a possible ergonomic upgrade to your laptop or desktop computer if you are looking to go with a trackball style input device. It features a big, easy to use wheel that lets you keep your hand in one comfortable position while using your computer. If you think you may be at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome, have arm and wrist pain, have a small desk, or are just ready to update your current mouse with something with more ergonomic features then the Trackman Marble Mouse from Logitech is a contender for your choice.

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Product review

One of the strengths of the Marble Mouse and indeed all trackball-style computer mice is the fact that it can be comfortable to use for long periods of time even if you suffer from arthritis or pain in your arm or wrist. The fact that it’s stationary also makes it a great choice for smaller desks, mobile workstations, or other areas where a traditional mouse takes up too much space.

The Logitech Trackman is very easy to install. All it takes to setup this USB mouse is to plug it into your desktop or laptop computer. Logitech includes optional software that can be useful if you want to customize the buttons or trackball sensitivity, but this trackball mouse will start working on any Mac or Windows PC as soon as you plug it in.

Although many mice are going cordless for convenience, this one is one of the exceptions. The reason behind this decision is that the Trackman doesn’t need to move around your desk, and so having it attached to your computer with a USB cord isn’t as much of an inconvenience as it would be with other mice. In fact, the fact that the Trackman doesn’t require batteries or Bluetooth to work may be a positive feature.

One downside is that it can take a little getting used to if you don’t already use a trackball style mouse. Since you move the cursor with your fingers instead of your wrist, you may find yourself trying to slide the entire mouse around at first. It doesn’t take much time to adjust, and many users come to prefer this style of mouse after a few days.

While most users probably won’t mind much, the extra buttons on this 4-button mouse are a little on the small side. Unless you install the Logitech software they don’t do much anyway, but they can be tough to click if you rely on them heavily or often. On the other hand, the main mouse buttons that most people will use are large and comfortably placed.

Product features

-Ambidextrous design is perfect for right and left-handed users
-Large trackball for smooth operation
-Uses laser tracking for accuracy and control
-4-button design, can be programmed using the included software
-Slim and ergonomic for outstanding comfort
-Uses a USB connection for easy installation
-Compatible with Mac and Windows
-3-year manufacturer warranty from Logitech


The Trackman Marble Mouse from Logitech is a very comfortable, accurate, and easy to install mouse. The fact that it uses laser control, the same as most modern mice, will save you time when it comes to maintenance. It has programmable buttons for left-handed users or anyone else who wants that level of control.

If you’re looking for a trackball style mouse, chances are good that a Logitech is in the equation, since they’re some of the most affordable, high-quality computer mice on the market. This product is no exception as it came in second in our list of best trackball mouse reviews and left handed mouse rankings. If you’re looking for a new trackball mouse, then check out this offering as it brings all of the quality that Logitech is known for into a comfortable, compact, easy to use design.

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Metrokane Electric Rabbit Rechargeable Corkscrew Review

Metrokane Electric Rabbit Wine Opener

The Metrokane Electric Rabbit Rechargeable Corkscrew with Built-In Foil Cutter is the perfect kitchen gadget for any wine lover. It uses a rechargeable battery to drive an automatic foil cutter and corkscrew, taking all of the hassle and effort out of opening a bottle of wine. This is another strong wine market entrant from Metrokane who produces many good related products. If you are in need of a top wine opener with many ergonomic qualities, and most importantly the ability to easily, quickly, and painlessly open a bottle of wine then Metrokane should get a look.

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Product review

If you’re looking for an easier way to open your wine, the Metrokane Electric Rabbit has a lot. From the built-in foil cutter, to the powerful and rechargeable lithium ion battery pack, to its simple two button operation and sleek design. This handy little gadget is perfect for anyone who wants to open their wine both easily and in style.

Any wine lover knows that the new plastic corks can be tough on some bottle openers. They don’t offer as much purchase as traditional corks, and they can be hard to remove from the bottle without a lot of rocking back and forth. The Electric Rabbit makes short work of plastic corks, thanks to its smooth, high-torque operation. It’s just as easy and fast to remove plastic corks as the traditional sort with this handy gadget.

Finally, the Metrokane Electric Rabbit Corkscrew is rechargeable which is a great feature whether you use it regularly or it mostly sits in a drawer. The fact that you’ll never need to fumble for batteries is wonderful all by itself, but this model uses a high-power lithium ion battery pack so it has tons of power and a very long life, opening as many as 30 bottles on a single charge. It’s also versatile enough to work just as well while plugged in, which means you’ll never have to wait for a charge just to open a bottle.

The Metrokane Electric Rabbit has incredibly easy to use controls with just two buttons. In order to get the cork out of the bottle you’ll need to keep holding the “down” arrow which turns the screw and pulls the cork straight out. At first glance it might seem like the “up” arrow is for cork removal, but it just reverses the direction of the screw in order to release the cork from the device. Once you’ve done it once there’s nothing to it.

It’s a small complaint, but nearly every rechargeable device really benefits from an easy to read charge indicator. This product has a light that tells you when it’s fully charged, but if it’s been sitting around for a while between bottles there’s just no way to tell at a glance if it’s ready to go. Fortunately, the fact that it works while plugged in and recharging takes a lot of the sting out of this small oversight.

Product features

-Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack for long-lasting power
-Easy to use two-button controls
-Automatic cork ejection and foil cutter
-Works great, even when recharging
-Perfect for tricky plastic corks
-6-month manufacturer warranty


Whether you struggle to get the cork out because of arthritis or other wrist problems, you’re tired of fussing with manual corkscrews, or you just want a stylish little conversation piece the Electric Rabbit from Metrokane is a great gadget. It delivers on almost everything you could want from a wine opener: being rechargeable, slim, and powerful, while offering a few perks like automatic cork ejection and easy to use two-button controls. If you’re in the market for an automatic corkscrew this is an affordable, attractive, and extremely effective option.

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