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J-Tech Digital Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Review

J-Tech Digital Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

This vertical mouse from J-Tech Digital has a little bit different look and feel from most of the other vertical mice on the market. It runs a little larger and a bit more vertical than most while having several other good features. With a good basic ergonomic design does it live up to its potential? Keep going to find out.

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Product review

This mouse has a good vertical design with several ergonomic features. It has five buttons: a right and left mouse click, a non-clickable scroll wheel, and back and forward browser buttons. The palm is placed on the cushioned portion and then the index and middle fingers activate the left, right, and scroll buttons which are located where they can be easily reached in this position. The thumb sits in an indented rest where the back and forward buttons are located. The mouse fits nicely in the hand and has good responsiveness when scrolling. It also has adjustable DPI with the easy to reach button on the top of the mouse if you want to change it quickly. The click pressure is in the range of average to requiring a little less than average so it fits nicely in the click performance rating.

If you like your mouse vertical then this one may be for you. It sits very much in a vertical position that makes it feel like reaching for the mouse is reaching for a can of soda. The attached palm rest is a nice feature to keep your hand from dragging the desk, but if it doesn’t work for you it is easily removable. This mouse is for right handed users only with no left handed option available.

This one does come in either a wired or wireless option and the wireless option runs on 2 AAA batteries. As an added interesting feature the mouse is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 3 million button clicks.

Product features

-Vertical ergonomic design
-Removable palm rest
-5 button mouse: left, right, scroll wheel, back, and forward
-3 million click guarantee from the manufacturer


This mouse has some interesting features that differentiate it from the rest of the vertical mouse pack. With an above average amount of verticality in the design while maintaining other good features like click pressure and multiple buttons this is a strong contender for your selection. If the “like reaching for a glass or can” setup is what you are looking for to maintain good wrist position then check this one out further.

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Kinesis DXT Ergonomic Mouse 2 Review

Kinesis Dxt Wireless Mouse

The Kinesis DXT is an interesting ergonomic mouse from the same company that put two ergonomic keyboards on our keyboard rankings. With a few features that jump out such as an ambidextrous design and super fast charging capability this mouse is very intriguing. Let’s take a more detailed look at this mouse below.

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Product review

The DXT wireless mouse 2 has a vertical design that allows it to be used interchangeably from right to left handed usage. To make the change all that is required is a quick flip of a switch on the mouse and you are changing hands. For users who are trying a strategy of swapping hands this feature would be beneficial.

One of the first things that jumps out about this mouse compared to some of the other vertical mice out there is that it is very compact and almost small in comparison. Unless you have tiny hands this is not going to be a whole hand mouse. That is a feature not a flaw as Kinesis intentionally made a mouse that was more focused on the fingers and hand for its movement then the arm and shoulder. Their belief is that using this grip which is more like holding a pen is a more ergonomic, natural, and functional way of using a mouse. For this mouse you will have to change up your grip to more of a pen style grip which may take some practice to get used to.

There are two buttons and a scroll wheel on the DXT. With light click buttons they are designed to minimize the force necessary to engage a mouse click which should benefit users suffering from pain in their hands and wrists. The optical resolution is adjustable to 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000 and it is plug and play ready. The wireless version operates from a micro USB dongle for wire free mousing. There is a wired version available as well if that is preferred.

And did we mention the charging speed? The rapid charging system gives 2 hours of usage time from a 30 second charge. With a full charge cycle of 90 minutes this mouse will go for up to 2 weeks of use.

Product features

-Left or right handed mouse
-Fast charging speed
-Light click force on buttons
-Vertical ergonomic design


The real options to evaluate are how the smaller size and the pen style grip will work for you. If this seems appealing and like it would work to improve your hand and wrist pain then the DXT may be the right choice for you. It has other factors working in its favor if those sound good – recognized brand in the ergonomic market, ambidextrous usage, and light force click buttons.

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Metrokane Vertical Rabbit Wine Opener Review

Metrokane Vertical Rabbit Wine Opener

If you are looking for one of the best wine openers on the market today, then look no further than the Metrokane Vertical Rabbit wine opener. This is a top notch, high quality device that will enhance your enjoyment of a good bottle of wine by making the opening process simpler and easier than ever before.

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Product review

If you are looking for a new wine opener with an efficient and ergonomic design then you have probably experienced some of the shortcomings of other products. From the original pull corkscrew and its different modifications to the newer styles of wine openers that you screw in and then push down on, all have their failures. That is not something that can be said about the Metrokane Vertical Rabbit. Where many other of the non-electric wine openers can leave you straining to pull out the cork by hand, or even if you have one of the newer leverage based models they always seem to give problems with things like either breaking the cork or only partially extracting the cork requiring more pulling. That is an annoyance for anyone, but if it is being used by someone with arthritis or some other hand or joint weakness, then it becomes an impossibility.

The Vertical Rabbit wine opener makes opening a bottle of wine a very easy process. To accomplish this all that is required is to raise the lever and place the wine opener on the neck of the bottle of wine, then depress the lever that inserts the corkscrew into the cork. Pull the lever back up and withdraw the cork and remove the wine opener from the bottle. Depress and raise the lever one more time, and the cork falls out of the device into your hand, the counter, or even the trash. Now put the wine opener back up and enjoy your wine. It is really that simple.

Before seeing this device in action, it was hard to believe how effortless it made opening a bottle of wine, but now without a doubt it is an essential piece of wine drinking equipment. If you are a wine drinker, this will become a constant companion.

Other features that come with the Vertical Rabbit are a foil cutter to cut the foil around the neck of the bottle prior to opening, a spare corkscrew for replacement if needed, and a storage case to keep it all in and stored together.

Product features

-Easily and efficiently opens wine bottles in 3 seconds
-Ergonomic handle for easy control
-Made with polished stainless steel for durability
-Looks great on the counter or bar
-Includes foil cutter and extra screw
-10 year warranty


Many will argue that there is no better candidate for the title of best ergonomic wine opener than the Metrokane Vertical Rabbit and it gained high marks in our own ratings. If you are looking for a quality piece of equipment to enhance your wine enjoyment then get one of these for your collection as soon as possible.

Highly recommended as one of the top wine openers available on the market today for anyone who enjoys wine.

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Shenkitchen Professional Wine Opener Review

Shenkitchen Professional Wine Opener Corkscrew

The Shenkitchen wine opener is a non-electric wine opener that is touted as an improvement to your basic wine opener. With a sturdy design and some decent sales history it is a player in the market. But does it hold up after further review? Read on to find out:

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Product review

The Shenkitchen opener is a modest improvement over either a basic corkscrew or even the next level up from that, but it only partially reaches its goal of being a true ergonomically designed and easy to use product.

To open a bottle of wine requires placing this opener in just the right spot on the top of the wine bottle cork while you manipulate the hand grip to have a good tight fit. This is all done while holding the lever up to make sure the corkscrew is in the right place. While not all that hard to do it definitely doesn’t make this one the most efficiently designed or easy to use. This is especially true if this is for someone with arthritis or other hand problems who is looking for an easy to open solution. Once in the right spot then the lever is depressed to drive the screw into the cork and then raised to pull it out. After that it is depressed again to remove it.

Once again, while an improvement over the entry level openers there is still an amount of leverage and force needed that seems to be more than the better products require.

Product features

-Comes with foil cutter and replacement corkscrew
-Sturdy design
-One year warranty
-Simple lever action to remove cork


This wine opener will get the job done better than the basic devices, but is still only middle of the pack. It doesn’t take up as much space on the counter or in the cabinet as some of the next level up openers so that may be a positive that tilts the decision for you. If you aren’t ready to go further up the scale then this product will open your wine, but not in the easiest or most efficient manner.

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Precision Kitchenware Luxury Corkscrew and Wine Stopper Set Review

Precision Kitchenware - Luxury Corkscrew and Wine Stopper Set

Precision Kitchenware makes this corkscrew and wine stopper set that has sold many copies over the years. This wine opener looks like it may have staying power in the market and is the type that is an entry point out of just the basic screw and pull openers for most people. But where does it rate overall when compared to other top wine openers?

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Product review

This wine bottle opener is well made with a nice chrome finish and is backed by what the manufacturer calls a full replacement warranty. The functionality of this product is fairly simple: lift the two arms up and place the round part on the wine bottle top/cork area, put the arms down until the corkscrew is on the cork, turn the corkscrew into the cork, pull up on the arms and remove the cork from bottle, and then twist the cork off the screw. It is a very simple process, but still more manual than almost all of the other wine openers other than the most basic. This is definitely a good solution as an entry point above a basic corkscrew, but not really on par with more advanced products.

If you were looking for something with more features and need something less manual then this will probably not work for you. For example, if you need a more ergonomic design to help with weakness in your hands compared to a basic corkscrew then one of the other products reviewed here on the site will be better for you. If you are just looking for something that works and is some of an improvement over the starter corkscrew at a low price point then this may be a good choice for you.

Product features

-Comes with a chrome plated wine bottle stopper
-Full Precision Kitchenware warranty
-A step up from the basic corkscrew
-Makes it easier to open your wine bottles


This opener is not a bad choice especially if just looking for something that is a little more ergonomic and less manual than basic corkscrews. However, if you are looking for something that is more automated than that then one of the other choices is probably more for you. Check out the full list of ergonomic wine openers by going here:

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Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine Opener Review

Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine Opener

The Ozeri Maestro gives a very good looking first impression with a modern and high tech design. With numerous additional features such as a built in LCD thermometer the Maestro definitely starts off with a great visual impression.

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Product review

The Maestro is a rechargeable electric wine opener that comes with a compact base that doesn’t take up a lot of counter space. Following with the modern design features of the Maestro itself the base is similarly designed for sleekness and style. Some bases are a bit bulky or square and detract from the wine opener while this one complements it nicely. The built in infrared thermometer is a very handy feature as it is a no contact thermometer that allows you to get an accurate reading on the bottle easily and in digital display format for easy visibility. It also displays the current charge on the readout so you will never be at risk of running out of charge by accident.

On top of its visual winning looks this opener performs solidly at its function as well. It easily and efficiently opens wine bottles by removing corks with the easy up and down single button action on the side of the opener. The ergonomics of this opener will make opening a new bottle a hassle and pain free task. It also includes a foil cutter that is stored in the base.

The Maestro is built with either home or restaurant use in mind so you are getting a well built device. This is further in evidence by the ability to open up to 80 bottles on a single charge. In addition it comes in a nice box with good presentation appeal so if you are looking for a gift this will also be a positive feature.

If you or the lucky person who will receive this wine opener is really into wine then you know that temperature plays a large part in the enjoyment of a wine. Certain varieties and flavors release their flavors and aromas best at certain temperatures and the Maestro will allow you to master the proper serving temperature.

Product features

-Built in infrared thermometer with digital readout
-Opens up to 80 bottles on a single charge
-Modern, clean, high tech design looks great on your counter or wine serving table
-Easy one button operation
-Ergonomic design features
-Includes foil cutter and packaged in nice gift ready box


This wine opener is one of the higher end options in the category, but is still very affordable and provides significant bang for the buck with the added features that are included. For the wine aficionado or even someone who aspires to learn more about enjoying wine the built in thermometer is a big plus. In addition to that feature it is one of the nicest looking of the electric openers with a compact base and sleek design. Definitely one to consider for your own countertop or bar area. All of these features gave this one the top spot in our rankings of the best wine openers. To see the full list go here:

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Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener Review

Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener

This electric wine opener from Secura is a very eye catching product that looks good sitting on the counter or displayed at a wine party. With a solid design and good ergonomics it starts out the review in a good place. Let’s get into the details now and see if it holds up.

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Product review

The Secura wine opener sits in a base that also acts as a charger for the rechargeable battery inside. Also included is a foil cutter that sits next to it in the base that makes for a nice complement as a wine set. When the Secura is plugged in and on the base or when it is being operated to open a bottle of wine it glows in a blue light near the bottom where the corkscrew is located. This could be a pro or a con depending on whether you want it to be lit most of the time since it will be lit when in the base unless unplugged from the outlet.

The Secura has a very attractive and clean look with a stainless steel coloring and a transparent see-through base so that you can see the cork being removed. Not only does this make for a more visually appealing “show” when entertaining, but it has a practical aid as well in case you want to make sure that can see what you are doing. This opener has an easy one button operation with the one button being pushed one way to remove corks from the bottle and the other direction to remove the cork from the corkscrew for disposal.

The battery life is a bit lower than some other brands on the market, but is still at a healthy 30 bottles on a single charge which should be more than enough for all but the biggest home wine parties. This is an overall good value wine opener that is easy and efficient to operate. If gift shopping, the box it comes in isn’t as gift ready as some others, but is not just a blank slate that won’t get you any wow factor either.

Product features

-Light up blue base that functions as a charging station
-Included foil cutter that displays on base
-One button operation
-Attractive stainless steel design


This is a good wine opener that is solidly in the value for your money range. It’s features allowed it to come in third in our ratings of wine openers. One thing to weigh in your decision is whether you want an opener with a charging base that stays lit at all times or not. If that is a preference for you then with good quality, solid ergonomic design, and visual appeal this opener is a good choice.

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Delwip DW-WO17 Professional Wine Opener Review

Delwip DW-WO17 Professional Wine Opener Corkscrew

The Delwip DW-WO17 is a somewhat fancy looking piece of equipment that looks like something a high end restaurant may use to open your expensive bottle of wine. Well made and sturdy it will get the job done, but maybe not in the quickest or easiest fashion.

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Product review

This wine opener from Delwip takes a few moments to figure out when first looking at it. It isn’t necessarily intuitive in its use until you take a look at a picture of it in action and even then it makes you think a bit. To put it into use the bottom portion is closed around the top lip area of the wine bottle and then the corkscrew is moved down into the cork with the handle and then removed. It definitely will work and does so in some amount of style as it is an impressive looking product, but more ergonomic and easy to use openers exist. It does require some balancing to make it work compared to other openers reviewed on this site which could make it problematic for someone who already struggles with opening a bottle of wine. This product does come with a stand that the opener can be stored on when out of the very nice storage box that it comes in. An extra screw is also included in the box.

Product features

-Durable build
-Professional look and feel
-Nice packaging and storage box make for nice gift appearance


While this bottle opener will get the job done it isn’t the easiest or most intuitive design to use. Especially if you have any issues that already cause you difficulty in opening a bottle of wine then this is probably not the choice for you. If the look appeals to you then it will work, but there are other wine opener selections that this site would recommend over this one.

Click here to buy the Delwip DW-WO17 Wine Opener on Amazon

Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener Review

Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener

The Ozeri Nouveaux II is an electric wine opener with a European inspiration to its ergonomic design. Built for use in either the home or a restaurant environment it has a durability to its build. Packaged with a full wine kit of foil cutter, wine pourer, and wine stopper this set has a lot to offer and came in the top five of our listing of top wine openers. Let’s get into the details on this one below.

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Product review

The Ozeri Nouveaux II is an excellent example of simplicity in design forming a great product. This electric wine opener basically has one button operation with an up and down arrow operation. One is for putting the corkscrew down into the cork and pulling the cork out of the bottle and the other direction gets the cork off of the corkscrew. Extremely easy and effective. In addition to the ease of operation is it very visually appealing with a completely transparent corkscrew cover making the removal process visible to your guests. It also gives off a soft blue glow light when in operation or while charging that adds to the visual impact. This opener stands vertically without the requirement for a separate base or charging stand and charges off of a wall adapter that loads the battery with a charge up to 60 bottle opens before recharging.

Product features

-Easy one button operation
-Removes both real or synthetic corks
-Removes up to 60 corks on one charge
-Includes foil cutter, wine pourer and stopper
-Available in three different colors: black, red, and silver


The Ozero Nouveaux II is a well-made and well-designed product that has gained a lot of positive feedback in the marketplace. It has good performance, good visual appeal while in use, and looks good on the table or counter. This one is well worth considering when shopping for an electric wine opener.

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Best Ergonomic Mouse 2017

Wrist pain from computer mouse

Last updated: January 30th 2017
If you are here, then you are probably on a quest to find the best ergonomic mouse to help make you more comfortable when working on a computer. Maybe you are either having hand, wrist, neck, or elbow pain already or you have just been reading up on it and want to get a more ergonomically designed setup for your computer use. Jump to the chart below for the rankings, or read on before you get there.

There is no doubt that the type of mouse you use can have an impact on the stress and strain on your body when using a computer. It is a common occurrence now for a person to work on a computer for 8 hours or more a day by the time that both work and personal use are factored into the calculation. This extended computer use can be very tough on wrists, fingers, thumbs, and even elbows and shoulders. Trying to find the best ergonomic mouse, keyboard, and office setup to eliminate or minimize this pain is a search that many people undertake everyday.

As someone who has had pain from using a computer and mouse setup at a desk job it is a definite that a good ergonomic mouse could help provide some comfort. While no one would say it will make the pain go away entirely or “cure” you, the use of a new ergonomic mouse can be one of many changes made to an office setup that can contribute to improving pain and exhaustion problems in one’s wrist and hands.

An ergonomic mouse will position your hand in a more natural fashion than a standard mouse. The more natural the mouse position, then the less stress on your wrist and joints. If it is easy and comfortable in a relaxed position, then the wrist strain should improve over the standard mouse.

Of course, to really be good in addition to these niceties it must also do the things a mouse needs to do. It must have good responsiveness, good scrolling, and all around good functionality. It needs to be a solid choice both ergonomically and technically.

The chart below will list our ratings and rankings for the best ergonomic mouse out there today. There will be a key below the chart explaining the columns and it is followed by a short summary of each mouse as well as a link to read more ergonomic reviews on the site or to buy on Amazon.

Best Ergonomic Mouse Ratings and Reviews

Mouse NameStyle# of Buttons / CustomizablePriceOur RankingBuy
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic MouseErgonomic4/yes$$1Buy
Microsoft Natural Mouse (combo) (Used Only)Ergonomic5 / yes$$$1aBuy
Evoluent VerticalMouse 4Vertical Handshake6 / yes$$$2Buy
HandShoe Ergonomic MouseErgonomic3 / no$$$3Buy
Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MXErgonomic Standard8 / yes$$$4Buy
3M Ergonomic Joystick MouseJoystick3 / no$$5Buy
Anker Vertical Ergonomic MouseVertical Handshake5 / no$6Buy
Goldtouch Ergonomic MouseErgonomic3 / no$$7Buy
Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming MouseErgonomic11/yes$$$8Buy
Razer DeathAdder Ergonomic Gaming MouseErgonomic Standard5 / yes$$9Buy
Contour Design Roller Mouse Re:dErgonomic Unique8 / yes$$$10Buy
Verbatim 97591 Ergo MouseErgonomic Standard5 / no$11Buy
Wow Pen Joy Vertical MouseVertical4 / no$12Buy
Zero Tension Vertical MouseHybrid3 / no$$13Buy
Microsoft Wedge Touch MouseWedgeTouchpad$$14Buy
Microsoft Arc Touch MouseErgonomic Folding3 / no$$15Buy

Table Key:
Mouse Name – This column lists the name of the products being rated.
Style – This is our terminology for the type of mouse. Ergonomic standard is an ergonomic design that is a little more typical of a standard mouse design. Ergonomic is something a little different that makes it ergonomic. Vertical handshake are vertically designed to lay the hand and wrist in a “handshake” position. The joystick is a joystick type mouse and the hybrid takes on a little bit of both.
# of Buttons / Customizable – The total number of buttons on the mouse and if they are able to be programmed to what you would want them to do or if their function is fixed.
Price – Comparative dollar rankings. The $ is lower price, the $$ moderate price, and the $$$ more expensive.
Our Ranking – Our numerical ranking from 1 to 16 on these selected ergonomic mice with 1 being the best.
Buy – Link to buy the product on Amazon.

Summary for Best Ergonomic Mouse

This list contains some good mouse choices, but there are some clear heavyweights that top the field. The Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic mouse is this site’s new ranking champion as the previous favorite was discontinued by Microsoft and this new mouse takes its place. The Natural Mouse can still be purchased used or refurbished, but it is usually quite a bit more expensive than when it was in production. The Microsoft Natural mouse is currently this site’s favorite, and even though it must be purchased in a combination set, it is worth it. The Evoluent VerticalMouse is no surprise as it topped our vertical mouse ratings and is a strong contender here as well. The next two mice in the HandShoe and the Logitech MX are also strong mice with a lot of great ratings and good history of performance. The top two just edge them out a little bit. In fifth is the 3M joystick mouse with a strong history and good reviews. This gives you the top five. These and the others are rated individually below.

Individual Mouse Notes, Reviews, and Comments

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse (L6V-00001)Buy – This mouse is Microsoft’s successor to the discontinued Natural series mouse which we have left as our 1a rated option as an honorary second place. The Natural mouse is no longer available except as a used or refurbished product and is often at a higher price. However, this new mouse the Microsoft Sculpt is a more than capable successor as our top ranked ergonomic mouse. It brings in all of the great features of the Natural mouse and adds some new tweaks in an updated model such as significantly enhanced tracking. This mouse is a top choice to be your ergonomically designed mouse.
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft Natural Mouse (combo) (Discontinued, available as used or refurbished only)Buy – (We are leaving this mouse in for now since it was the reigning champion for quite a while, but you may be better served with the new top ranked product from a price and availability perspective.) This is a powerful mouse that is worthy of ranking at the top of this list. With a great ergonomic design that incorporates good use of height, tilt, button design, and thumb and hand support this mouse is the real deal. It is comfortable and durable and will be with you for a while. It is only available at present as part of a combo with the Microsoft Natural keyboard, which is also a good ergonomic product.
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000

Evoluent VerticalMouse 4Buy – This mouse topped our ratings of the best vertical mouse and as expected performs very well when mixed in with the other types of ergonomic mouse designs as well. It comes from a quality manufacturer and is consistently ranked as one of the best mice on the market today.
Evoluent VerticalMouse 4

HandShoe Ergonomic MouseBuy – The HandShoe ergonomic mouse is a very well designed mouse that has a lot of research behind it and a good track record. This mouse has a nice look and feel and is a worthy finisher in the top 5.
HandShoe Ergonomic Mouse

Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MXBuy – Logitech is one of the premier mouse manufacturers in the world so it is no surprise to see them here with this mouse. This mouse is a very nice choice. With good hand and thumb support as well as lots of customization options it is a solid top 5 finisher.
Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX

3M Ergonomic Joystick MouseBuy – The 3M joystick mouse is another highly acclaimed mouse. With a unique joystick style design it is a worthy candidate to round out the top 5. If you want something a little different than the rest, then this is the only joystick style mouse on the list.
3M Ergonomic Joystick Mouse

Anker Vertical Ergonomic MouseBuy – The Anker is a nice device and has a very good price point for an entry into the ergonomic mouse category. There are other mice on the list that may do something better, but this one is the one after the top 5 offering a lot of value.
Anker Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Goldtouch Ergonomic MouseBuy – The Goldtouch mouse is a good mouse choice. It is well designed with good hand positioning and low force for button click. It is rated mid pack, but it is a solid choice. Others are just better.
Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse

Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming MouseBuy – An ambidextrous option here from Razer, this is one of only two pure gaming mice on the list. Even for a non gamer it contains a lot to like with a very flexible and adjustable grip and it also comes with 11 buttons which are all customizable and programmable and like all Razer mice it has their signature precision control.
Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Ergonomic Gaming MouseBuy – An interesting option, this is the second of the pure gaming mice options on the list. Even for a non gamer it contains a lot to like with lots of customization options and precision control.
Razer DeathAdder Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Contour Design Roller Mouse Re:dBuy – This is probably the most non-standard or unique mouse option on the list. It is a mouse replacement that doesn’t really fit in any specific category. It is highly ergonomic and a lot of design work went into it. It is the highest priced item on this list and that is the main reason for the lower part of the list rating. It is a nice device, but some of the other choices have more value.
Contour Design Roller Mouse Red

Verbatim 97591 Ergo MouseBuy – This is an ok mouse, but there are others higher rated that are better selections.
Verbatim 97591 Ergo Mouse

Wow Pen Joy Vertical MouseBuy – The Pen Joy is an ok vertical mouse, but there are other options on the list that make better choices.
Wow Pen Joy Vertical Mouse

Zero Tension Vertical MouseBuy – Check out the Zero Tension mouse if you like the idea of the joystick mouse, but want something with a little more control and hand support.
Zero Tension Vertical Mouse

Microsoft Wedge Touch MouseBuy – There is nothing special to see here ergonomically. This is an ok portable or second use device that is better than a standard non-ergonomic mouse, but other options are much better.
Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse

Microsoft Arc Touch MouseBuy – This is a really nice mouse from a general design standpoint, but there isn’t really anything especially ergonomic about it. Like the one above it could be a nice portable or second mouse, but probably not really a specific ergonomic replacement.
Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

And there you have it. Here is our listing of the best ergonomic mice and our reasoning why. Each mouse has a link to a full review on our site and to Amazon.

If you think there are some we missed and should add to the chart and review then please comment below and let us know. Do you agree or disagree? Give us feedback in the comments on that as well.