Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard (5KV-00001) Review


The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard (model 5KV-00001) is Microsoft’s newest entrant into the ergonomic keyboard space and it is a top performer already. The successor to the long time top performing Natural line of products this keyboard has a strong pedigree to draw from with Microsoft’s ergonomic history in the keyboard marketplace and has taken the top spot in our best ergonomic keyboard rankings. Read on to learn more about this ergonomically designed keyboard and if it is the one for you.

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Product review

The Microsoft Sculpt keyboard is a split layout keyboard that has a very nice feel to it. The domed design promotes a natural position of the wrists and hands that is intended to minimize or reduce any pain users may have from prolonged typing or computer usage. The natural arc key layout also is intended to follow the natural path and complement the curved position of the fingers when typing.

The Sculpt comes with a detached number pad instead of being an integrated part of the keyboard. Some people will find this a neutral feature and others will like it a lot as they can then minimize their hand travel from mouse to keyboard and back since the mouse can be closer to the keyboard that way.

The keys are in the chiclet style and have a very nice feel with a soft keystrike that doesn’t require a lot of force and helps minimize wear on your fingers. This keyboard has a riser that can be used to tilt the keyboard forward if needed depending on your layout of chair, desk, and height, etc. There is also a cushioned palm rest that helps provide comfort as well as promote use of a more natural wrist position.

The Microsoft Sculpt keyboard and number pad connects wirelessly using a single small USB dongle. The keyboard uses 2 AAA batteries and the number pad uses a CR2430 (watch style) battery. All required batteries come with the keyboard. The battery life is reported to be extremely long on this keyboard.

This is one sharp keyboard with a very advanced looking ergonomic design that is pleasing to the eye as well as to the hands and wrists. It looks modern and sleek for an aesthetically pleasing design. Like other Microsoft ergonomic products it is well built and should last for a long time.

Product features

-Advanced ergonomic design
-promotes pain free computer use with natural position of the hands and wrists
-comfortable and low force key strike
-detached number pad


The Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard is a top ranked choice if you are looking to upgrade from a standard keyboard. As the newest model and the successor to the Natural series this keyboard ups the ante and surpasses that product which was a top model for years and is still a nice backup choice if you desire. Proceed with this keyboard and feel good about your buying decision because you are getting a good product.

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