LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm Display Mount (45-245-026) Review


If you’re looking for a convenient, compact way to put your computer or television at arm’s length while you work, to use to create a standing/sitting desk combination, or even to use when working out the Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-side Arm display mount might just be the perfect solution. This mount supports two screens, up to 24” in size, with a full range of tilt and swivel options. It can be pushed further away or pulled closer to provide the optimum viewing distance, and is guaranteed to safely support up to 40lbs. 

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Product review


The LX Dual Side-by-side (model 45-245-026) arm’s biggest benefit is its ability to mount two screens. Whether you want to combine a computer monitor and TV or just have the ability to stretch your computer screen across two displays or keep track of multiple channels at the same time, this mount can make it happen.

Flexibility is another area where the LX Dual really shines. It enables you to tilt the screens up to 70 degrees, extends out from the wall up to 25”, and up and down 13”. No matter your height or any special requirements you have because of your equipment, the side-by-side arm can accommodate you.

Finally, this Ergotron display mount is sturdy enough to trust with even expensive touch-screen monitors or cutting-edge televisions. It’s guaranteed to support up to 40lbs, and is easy to adjust without the need to turn knobs or lock the arms in place. The spring tension system holds each arm in place, and allows for easy positioning with just a touch.


While not necessarily a drawback, it’s important to keep in mind that this arm is made for monitors and televisions that use VESA standard mounting holes. While this is the most common mounting system on the market, it’s still a good idea to ensure that your display features a VESA mounting option, or you might end up having to make some modifications or buy some additional equipment to mount your equipment properly.

Product features

-Two mounting arms in a side-by-side configuration
-Supports two screens up to 24” and 20lbs each
-Spring tension arms adjust with a touch, no knobs to turn
-Mounts on either a wall or desk
-Design conveniently hides cables in the support arms
-Polished aluminum construction for durability
-Weighs 17lbs
-Includes a 5-year manufacturer warranty from Ergotron


The Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-side mount is a great way to hold your monitors or televisions when working at your desk seated, creating a standing desk office space, or when using with a treadmill or stationary bike to take the active/exercise office approach. The easy arm movement allows for convenient use when showing screens to others as well. As far as display mounts go, the LX is one of the best. Ergotron has engineered it to be durable, easy to adjust, and sturdy enough to hold heavier screens with ease. If you’re looking for a way to easily mount your dual screen setup the Ergotron LX Arm is an excellent choice. 

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