LIFT Standing Desk Kit Review


The LIFT standing desk from Uncaged Ergonomics is a standing desk conversion product intended to turn any desk into a standing work space. This two piece adjustable desk will get you standing, but does it measure up to the competition?

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Product review

The LIFT standing desk is a two piece desk conversion set. It comes with an adjustable monitor stand with a second shelf for storage or papers and a separate keyboard stand that is also adjustable in both height and angle. The monitor stand has 6 separate height settings ranging from 13 inches to 20 inches and is generally capable of holding loads under 30 pounds. It will incorporate a dual monitor setup as long as the monitors combined don’t overload the weight limit. The adjustable height keyboard stand changes in height from 0 to 18 inches.

The monitor stand has fairly simple operation – pulling up on the levers on the sides will raise of lower it, but many reports indicate that it can be difficult to lower while it has monitors resting on it. Be aware that you may have to move the monitors off the stand to adjust it. This also relates to another concern with this desk which is its height. The lowest setting is a concern for some users who may have difficulty using it in a sitting position due to its height when lowered. If wanting to use this as an adjustable sit/stand desk this is something to make sure is factored in. It is possible that a tall chair or stool be considered for use in the sitting position with this desk kit.

There is some minimal assembly required. Other detailed product information is below:


Monitor Stand:

Top Panel Size: 26.5×15.75″, Lower Panel Size: 25×10.5″, Weight: 10lbs, Max Load 30lbs, Material: Aluminum & MDF, Height Range: 13-20″, Number of Height Settings: 6

Keyboard Tray

Panel Size: 18″(w) x 11″(d), Height Range: Adjustable from 0-18″, Mouse Pad Size: 7×7″, Material: Aluminum, Weight: 4lbs

Product features

-Conversion kit allows any desk to become an ergonomic standing desk
-Adjustable monitor stand and keyboard tray give multiple options for height settings
-Holds Dual monitor setups as long as load is under 30 pounds


The LIFT desk conversion kit is a nice entry point into the standing desk arena, but does have some limitations against competitors. With the difficulties some may experience when in the seated position it has constraints if you are looking for a truly sit-stand desk to change out multiple times a day. It is a good product and will create a standing desk space for you, but it could come with a few constraints on enjoyment such as the seated height and the possible difficulty with raising the monitor stand while loaded with a monitor. If these minor issues are not major problems for you then this one could be a nice starting place for transitioning to a standing desk product.

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