Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse Review


Goldtouch’s ergonomic mouse is designed to place your hand and wrist at what they believe to be the perfect angle for mousing-a 24 degree angle. With a unique design and a lot of thought into this product, does it live up to its goals?

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Product review

Goldtouch states that they start their designs with the user’s comfort in mind. Their goal is to avoid the sometimes awkward positions and movements necessary with a non-ergonomic mouse. They discuss a design goal of the hand in a weightless environment which is their version of the natural hand position that we often see discussed in ergonomic design.

This mouse has a sloping design that includes a large and cushioned thumb rest area that allows you to locate the best place for you to put your thumb while keeping good ergonomic positioning. It has a varying height with the higher area taller than a standard mouse. This design is intended to reduce pressure and strain on the wrist. The three button design with a left and right click and a scroll wheel uses oversized and easy to click buttons that allow for less stress on fingers to press the buttons. These buttons are easy to click and are designed to reduce the amount of force and even finger motion to click them.

This mouse feels good to the hand and is made with comfortable and durable materials. This mouse is available in both wired USB and wireless Bluetooth versions as well as in both a right handed and left handed version.

This is a nice ergonomic mouse with some good features. The design and styling as well as the oversized and easy to click buttons make for a comfortable mousing experience that is quite ergonomic in design. Placing the hand and wrist in a comfortable position that allows for computing without as much strain. One con when comparing to other mice is that this mouse does have limited button functionality compared to a few other high level competitors. This mouse has the three standard buttons with a right and left click and scroll wheel. If you want more buttons or other bells and whistles you may have to look at another model. If that is ok with you, then this is a nice ergonomic mouse worth considering as a choice. If not, then we have other rankings available to view here in our post “What is the Best Ergonomic Mouse?” They also have a left handed version which came in top five in our left handed mouse reviews if you need that style.

Product features

-patented angle design intended to reduce pressure on wrists
-oversized and easy to click mouse buttons
-large and comfortable thumb rest area
-available in right and left hand models and both wired and wireless models


As mentioned above, the Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse has a lot of positive features. It has good, comfortable design that places the hand well, it has buttons that perform well and with low force, and it is generally nicely made.

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