Ergotron WorkFit-S 33-341-200 Dual Sit-Stand Workstation Review


The Ergotron WorkFit-S 33-341-200 Dual Sit-Stand Workstation is a great option for anyone who wants the flexibility to choose between a traditional desk and a standing desk. This workstation has a host of premium features, like support for dual monitors, one-touch adjustment, and integrated cable management, which make this Ergotron offering one of the best choices for converting your existing workstation into a standing desk. 

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Product review


One of the most impressive parts about this combination Sit-Stand Workstation is its quality. This system is manufactured from high-density plastic, aircraft-grade aluminum, and powder-coated steel. Adjustment between sitting and standing mode, as well as the monitor tilt, is easy to make and feels exceptionally smooth and solid. This combination workstation is an excellent investment, with the durability to stand up to heavy use.

In contrast to many other adjustable workstations, this Ergotron model secures firmly to the edge of a desk with a sturdy steel clamp. This system won’t budge an inch, even if it’s bumped. That’s just the sort of security you need when it comes to dealing with expensive electronic equipment.

Finally, even when not using this dual option device in standing mode, this system will raise and lower your monitors to maintain a perfect, comfortable level for your ergonomic viewing pleasure. It will reduce strain on your neck, shoulders, and arms by allowing you to put the keyboard, mouse, and monitor right where they’re most comfortable for you.


Ergotron has done an excellent job with the design and implementation of this combination sit and stand workstation. While this is an excellent product, one change that could be made would be the addition of a storage tray beneath the keyboard. Some lesser quality stands include this feature and it feels surprisingly absent on this high quality offering from Ergotron.

Also, it should be noted that some computer systems will require an additional extra-long video cable in order to allow full freedom of movement. Depending on the position of the tower, your system may or may not be affected. That optional VGA cable is not included as a part of this package so be aware of the length of your cable and add that to your order if needed.

Product features

-Easy one-touch adjustment lets you make changes without the need to turn knobs or use special tools
-Keyboard tray and monitor stand move in unison up to 23”
-Support for two monitors and a right or left handed mouse
-Cables are routed through the frame for an exceptionally clean, modern look 
-Secures firmly to your desk in order to prevent tipping
-Ergonomic keyboard tray reduces stress and strain on wrists
-Display tilts in order to prevent glare
-28lb capacity
-Covered by Ergotron’s 5-year comprehensive warranty


The Ergotron WorkFit-S 33-341-200 is one of the best ways to convert your existing desk into a standing workstation while maintaining flexibility to revert to standing when you want to. With features like invisible cable routing and a durable powder-coated finish this model looks as great as it performs. The build quality and flexibility of this premium system can’t be overstated. Whether you want to turn your workstation into a standing desk or just use your computer in perfect comfort, this Ergotron workstation is one of the top products on the market. 

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