Ergotron WorkFit-A Dual with Worksurface Product Review (24-272-026)


Ergotron makes some really fantastic ergonomic arms to hold computer monitors. Whether using sitting, standing, or some combination in between, this Ergotron Workfit-A Dual is a great fit in their product line.

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Product review

This Ergotron product is for users with a dual monitor office or desk setup. With a common recommendation on this monitor arm to use two 22 inch monitors you will have plenty of viewing space to watch in comfort. The setup here is that the arm attaches to the desk, and then the Workfit-A Dual can move up and down to accomodate your position of maximum ergonomic comfort. A very popular recommendation that is becoming a trend is to spend some part of your work day in a standing position. This arm can help you create a “standing” desk and a “sitting” desk all in one with its adjustable arm.

In addition to the ability to give you more flexibility in how you work sitting or standing in the same device, the Ergotron Workfit-A Dual with Worksurface includes a worksurface and a place for the keyboard so you get the full ability to move your workspace to the level of maximum comfort whether sitting or standing.

Ergotron products are well built and generally receive overall good reviews. This product is similarly rated with the most common concern being that you need to be sure to tighten the arm up enough to keep it stable when it is adjusted. Once it is setup and in use the overall ratings are positive.

Product features

-Ergonomic arm is adjustable for maximum comfort
-Easy and fast installation with no complications
-Switch easily between sitting or standing for your office work
-High quality Ergotron product


The Ergotron Workfit-A Dual with Worksurface is a top notch product in the ergonomic monitor arms category. If you are using a dual monitor office setup and looking to have an ergonomic environment that incorporates some of the current “best practices” such as standing part of the time and adjusting your work space for maximum comfort and ergonomic utility then this is a product for your office space. Keeping good quality ergonomic office products in your space should contribute to not only comfort, but enhanced productivity as well.

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