Best Vertical Mouse Reviews and Ratings


Last updated: January 30th 2017
A vertical mouse is one of the forms that an ergonomically designed mouse may take. While some ergonomic mice take an approach that keeps some semblance of the standard flat mouse form while making great enhancements and improvements to its ergonomics, the vertical mouse goes for something else entirely. It can usually still be visually identified as a mouse input device, but it is a creature all its own.

If you have decided on getting a vertical mouse as your choice then the next decision is on what is the best one to purchase. A vertical mouse makes for an excellent ergonomic choice and some of the best ergonomic mice are of the vertical design type. In the table below we list the top five vertical mouse choices with our ranking from 1 to 5. Below the table you will see explanations of the chart columns as well as individual comments on each of the 5 mouse types and a link to a full review of each mouse on this site for further reading.

Vertical Mouse Ratings and Ranks

Vertical MiceStyle# of Buttons / CustomizablePriceOur Ranking
Evoluent VerticalMouse 4Handshake6/yes$$$1
3M ergonomic joystick mouseJoystick3/no$$2
Anker Vertical Ergonomic MouseHandshake5/no$3
Wow Pen Joy vertical mouseHandshake4/no$4
Zero Tension MouseHybrid3/no$$5

Table Key:
Vertical Mice – This column lists the 5 products being rated.
Style – This is our terminology for the type of vertical mouse. Handshake are vertically designed to lay the hand and wrist in a “handshake” position. The joystick is a joystick type mouse and the hybrid takes on a little bit of both.
# of Buttons / Customizable – The total number of buttons on the mouse and if they are able to be programmed to what you would want them to do or if their function is fixed.
Price – Comparative dollar rankings. The $ is lower price, the $$ moderate price, and the $$$ more expensive.
Our Ranking – Our numerical ranking from 1 to 5 on these selected vertical mice with 1 being the best.

Summary for Best Vertical Mouse

All of these vertical mice would be good choices, but the top three stand out when comparing them to each other. The clear front runner in this category is the Evoluent model. It is the top choice. The second choice is the 3M mouse. It has a lot of positives and a good track record of accolades, but the additional buttons and customization options available on the Evoluent make it a better choice than the 3M and give it the edge. The third choice of the Anker is primarily a value call. The Anker is not necessarily a far superior device to the Wow Pen Joy, but it is the low cost option in the field here and provides a decent value. The Evoluent is a much better choice if going with the vertical handshake styling, but the Anker does have a pricing edge if the cost is a main driver and you can still feel good about the choice. The Wow Pen Joy is an ok choice, but the other three win out over it as it trails all of them in one or more ways. The Zero Tension Mouse is the fifth choice, but like the Pen Joy it would be an ok choice. It also trails the rest of the pack as they would be better options.

Individual Mouse Notes, Reviews, and Comments

Evoluent Vertical MouseClick to read full review on this site – This is the mouse that topped our rankings. Evoluent is a high quality brand product with a strong reputation. This mouse has the most buttons, the most customization options, a great look and feel, and the best thumb and pinky support while in regular use. It basically sweeps the category unless you just don’t like the handshake style and want the joystick style on the 2nd place finisher. One other feature to mention is that there is a left hand version of the Evoluent vertical mouse available as well, so there is an option for a left-hander looking for a vertical mouse here as well.
Evoluent VerticalMouse 4

3M ergonomic joystick mouseClick to read full review on this site – Our 2nd place finisher has a strong pedigree and was a good contender for the title, but it isn’t quite as good as the Evoluent. This mouse has won accolades and clinical evidence for its features and is a solid ergonomic vertical mouse. It has the joystick style and looks like a joystick on a mouse base. If you aren’t ready to spring the extra cash for the Evoluent or just want to give the joystick style a chance, then this may be the one for you.
3M Ergonomic Joystick Mouse

Anker Vertical Ergonomic MouseClick to read full review on this site – This mouse is right in the middle of the pack of this group. It is a good mouse, but just can’t compete with the top two which are the best in category. This mouse is in the vertical handshake style similar to the Evoluent as compared to the joystick style of the 3M. It seems to be a solid mouse with good reports on tracking and usability. It doesn’t have the thumb or pinky support that the Evoluent does so be aware that this is something you will miss in comparison on this mouse if you choose it. A big selling point on this mouse is value. It typically comes in at the lowest price range of this group. This is a good value, but you won’t be getting as good of a product as the top two. If cost is a major decision driver then take a look at this mouse.
Anker Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Wow Pen Joy vertical mouseClick to read full review on this site – There isn’t really anything bad to say about this mouse, it just can’t vault over any of the three that are above it in one way or another. It is rated under the top two for the same reasons as the Anker. It is rated below the Anker primarily because it doesn’t provide quite as much value as that one, but this mouse is still a good buy if you don’t like the Anker or if you just like this one better, but head to head it can’t rank higher than 4th.
Wow Pen Joy Vertical Mouse

Zero Tension MouseClick to read full review on this site – The Zero Tension Mouse is in a similar position to the Pen Joy above. It isn’t a bad option, there are just more and better options available. If you don’t like the styling of any of the other vertical mice above then check out this mouse as it combines some features from each style into a hybrid of the handshake and the joystick. This mouse isn’t as much of a value as the 3rd and 4th choices above which is also one of the things bringing it to 5th on this list. If the other selections here don’t strike your fancy then feel free to check this one out. Coming in last on this last doesn’t mean it’s not a good mouse, just that it didn’t rate as highly as the others.
Zero Tension Vertical Mouse

So, there you have it. The listing of the top 5 best vertical mice and the reasoning behind it. Hopefully you will be happy with your choice whichever of the vertical mouse brands you choose or even if you decide to go with another ergonomically designed mouse.