Ergonomically Speaking exists to provide ergonomic information and ergonomic product reviews to the best of our ability. Knowing that many people in the world struggle with hand, wrist, shoulder, back, neck and many other types of pain, discomfort, and tiredness from using poorly designed products drives our mission statement. While not doctors or ergonomic experts, and knowing every individual is unique, there is still a lot to learn by providing information to the worldwide community of web users to read and evaluate.

Our very busy and increasingly plugged in lives are doing a serious number on our bodies. Time at the computer drives mouse and keyboard usage up and up. With poor ergonomics this can cause serious pain and discomfort over time. This same computer time can drive screen time up causing eyestrain or fatigue. The choice of chair when sitting at the computer can also impact how our bodies react to all of this computer time. And that assumes that we sit since it is becoming more studied that sitting is also bad for you and some time should be spend standing. This is driving an entire market in the standing desk space.

And these are only for computers and desks. In the increasingly connected world we have to deal with tablets, iphones, and other mobile devices that can cause additional stress on our bodies and their joints. With these devices’ ease of use and seemingly always on presence we can use them in any number of strange or awkward positions. It is not uncommon to see these products being used in non-ergonomic ways that will one day hurt our bodies and cause pain.

Moving on to other less electronic devices, the chairs we sit in or pretty much anything that we use with our hands can be considered to have either more or less ergonomic properties. With so much stress coming from other activities even these smaller activities can add incrementally to the strain on our joints.

This is why you see a large list of products being discussed, reviewed, compared, and rated on this site. There are ergonomic mice, keyboards, vertical mice, trackball mice, wine openers, left handed mice, exercise desks, standing desks, monitor arms, balance ball chairs, kneeling chairs, and many others listed and compared here. In addition to the product reviews you will read about detailed product comparisons and other informational articles on items of ergonomic importance. It is always up to each of us to make the best decision for our circumstances, but this information will hopefully help you in weighing your decision carefully.

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